Hi there and welcome on steffr.ch! My name is Stefan Rüetschli and I’m interested in computer-networks, programming and information technologies. I finished my apprenticeship as electrician in 2003, then I worked 5 years for an internet service provider. During this time, I completed further education in telematics (Java, PHP, communication technologies, projects…). From 2009 until 2017 I was working for a security company where I was responsible for security management systems. In 2009, I received the FCNSA and FCNSP certification, in 2013 I received my certificate as CCNA. In 2015 I got the chance to expand my knowledge of VMware with a VICM (VMware Install, Configure, Manage) training.

Since 2017 I’m working again for an internet service provider which is quite interesting. I’m working with network equipment from core to end-user, firewalls, a bit of virtualization and the VoIP platform.

fcnsa fcnsp ccna

If I have some spare time, I work on some of my iOS Apps and try to understand objective c 😉 A first result of this is was the Cheat-Database App (see below). Because of lack of time I had to cancel my developer account, thus the App disappeared from the Store.

Of course, I maintain this blog and update it with themes I’m currently interested in like Photography, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Multicopters, Penetration Testing etc…

If you have questions concerning the Cheat-Database App, write me to cdb@steffr.ch

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If you have other questions or just want to tell me something, feel free and fill in the form below. Thank you!