Hi there and welcome on steffr.ch! My name is Stefan Rüetschli and I’m interested in computer-networks, programming and information technologies. I finished my apprenticeship as electrician in 2003, then I worked 5 years for an internet service provider. During this time, I completed further education in telematics (Java, PHP, communication technologies, projects…). From 2009 until 2017 I was working for a security company where I was responsible for security management systems. In 2009, I received the FCNSA and FCNSP certification, in 2013 I received my certificate as CCNA. In 2015 I got the chance to expand my knowledge of VMware with a VICM (VMware Install, Configure, Manage) training.

Since 2017 I’m working again for an internet service provider which is quite interesting. I’m working with network equipment from core to end-user, firewalls, virtualization and the VoIP platform.

fcnsa fcnsp ccna

If I have some spare time, I work on some of my iOS Apps and try to understand objective c 😉 A first result of this was the Cheat-Database App. Because of lack of time I had to cancel my Apple developer account, thus the App disappeared from the Store ;(

Of course, I maintain this blog and update it with themes I’m currently interested in like Repairings, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, IT Security etc…

If you have other questions or just want to tell me something, feel free and fill in the form below. Thank you!